Learning is a force multiplier


About Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change is an online platform + marketplace that connects experts and learners towards positive social + environmental + health impact.

Through facilitating + accelerating learning on issues that ‘matter’, we are creating a community of like-minded, inspired individuals who share, learn and do.

Seeds of Change supports and features high quality, high impact events, experiences and products. Currently focused on Shanghai, it will soon be accessible through different cities in China and, and in the near future, globally.

  • For experts it is a promotional platform and peer-to-peer collaboration network.

  • For learners it is the go-to place for comprehensive listing on local events involving learning on different topics.

Further, through a simple learning ‘credit system’ it aims to incentivize individuals to engage in positive learning + doing.


Healthy People, Healthy Planet.

Through Seeds of Change we hope that collaborative learning on meaningful topics can nurture healthier, happier and more responsible individuals and communities.



LeaRning & doing

Connect learners to experts and activities in their community that raises their awareness, builds their knowledge, and increases their intent & ability to take action.



Not everyone learns in the same manner. Not everything can be learnt in a formal setting. ‘Experiences’ take individuals right into the heart of action.


product marketplace

Awareness & action must be complemented by products and solutions. ‘Marketplace’ is whereon can find green products and/or services closest to them.


Community & collaboration

Individuals connect with each other locally and across geographies to acceleration learning & action. Our platform makes it easy to start & promote local initiatives.


The purpose of education must not just be to find a job, but to lead a life of long-term health & happiness.



Seeds of Change is a project that was initiated by Green Initiatives in 2017, out of growing concern for the environment, lack of action, but more importantly with the realisation that our modern educational system has proved to be inadequate, almost irresponsibly so, to instil empathy in individuals on social and environmental challenges.

What’s more, our educational system teaches us mainstream subjects like science, business, mathematics and social studies - all of which enable an individual to find a professional job, but it fails to teach subjects like ethics, emotional intelligence, ecology, parenting, mindfulness, health, resources, etc - all of which are necessary for holistic personal development that allows us to lead healthier, happier lives.

Green Initiatives is a social enterprise based in Shanghai since 2009, focused on awareness and action on environmental issues, and has so far funded the project. Seeds of Change is fully managed and run by volunteers, and it intends to turn into an independent social enterprise in the near future. We are currently looking for seed funding, sponsorship and/or financial grants to help us grow the platform to the potential it is truly capable of.

Write to us for any questions or feedback.



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